Wholesome Co

2020 – Present

Salt Lake City, UT

Bickel was hired as oversight consultants to ensure proper start up and best practices for greenhouse operations. We work directly with client to strategize best practices for working with another cultivator on a shared location and a unique management services agreement. This presented several unique challenges to analyze and determine the best solutions for the client. Two 10,000 ft² greenhouses were completed and harvested to meet product contracts with dispensaries. Use of autoflower varieties helped shorten the growing cycle to overcome the limited timeframe and provide high quality product with low inputs and limited resources. Bickel Consulting continues to assist with oversight of management service agreement employees and referred a valued colleague who was hired as Director of Cultivation bringing years of industry experience to the Wholesome Co team. 

We are currently working on design and construction of a 22,500 ft² indoor facility. Working directly with local architects, general contractors, and MEP contractors to ensure proper design of facility space utilization, HVAC systems and to properly coordinate with cultivation equipment designs. Design of irrigation, fertigation, CO2 system, water filtration, LED lighting, climate automation, and multi-tier mobile racking to build a state-of-the-art cultivation facility that maximizes the space provided. We work directly with extraction and product consultants to implement proper space for extraction, edibles, and other cannabis products within the same facility. We are beginning the construction phase of this project.