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Genetics are central to any cannabis organization. Yield, potency, disease resistance, market trending – we’ll help you select the genetics that will work best for your organization.

Design and Construction – Bickel Consulting provides end-to-end cannabis cultivation design and construction services. We partner with your architect to ensure your facility is designed and planned correctly the first time.

Comprehensive Operations – Across 21 U.S. states and various countries, Bickel Consulting has worked with all styles of cultivation:

  • Outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor environments
  • Use of soil, as well as deep water culture, rock wool, aeroponic, and coco coir-based hydroponic methods
  • Full cultivation planning, scheduling, and mapping for streamlined startup and ongoing success with predictable results
  • Design and consultation for irrigation and drainage, lighting, benching, multi-tiered racks, CO2 systems, drying, and post-harvest processes
  • Climate automation and fertigation design, implementation, and training

Integrated Pest Management
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program development, implementation, and best practices for pest control and prevention.


Application Writing
Bickel Consulting houses one of the most successful application writing teams in the country. Having finished first in many competitive applications, we provide writing for competitive applications for cultivation facilities and business opportunities for any state within the U.S.

Realistically, you aren’t in the cannabis business, you’re in the compliance business. In order to get to cultivation and processing, you have to address compliance first. We can help.

Government Relations
Like it or not, you are not in complete control of your business. We’ll recommend a government relations strategy – a critical component when it comes to navigating state regulations.


Standard Operating Procedures
SOPs are the heart of a strong operation. We work alongside you in creating, editing, and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (along with other operations and compliance documents).

People are the key to success and finding experienced cannabis employees is difficult. We can save you time when it comes to hiring the right people to keep your business running smoothly.

Market Strategy
The cannabis landscape is competitive, but we’ll partner with you to develop a winning strategy whether your needs are in product and branding development, acquisition strategy, or distribution.

National Product Distribution
Bickel Consulting represents independent cannabis producers in every major U.S. market. We can identify new market opportunities for your product and have experience with multi-state distribution logistics.

Budget and Proforma
We offer real-world cultivation budget, yield, and proforma information so you can build accurate budgets and set proper financial expectations.


Through our network of trusted partners, we can connect you to individuals and teams who will ensure your business process runs smoothly end-to-end.

These include:

  • Processing and manufacturing experts
  • Brand Partners
  • Facility consultants including architects, engineers, HVAC and mechanical contractors.
Due Diligence Services

Are you thinking about making an investment into a cannabis business? Let us help you see the business from a cultivator’s perspective. Bickel Consulting provides due diligence for private equity and banks looking to make strategic investments.

Vicente Sederberg LLC
Matthew started in Vicente Sederberg’s compliance department in 2015 but we quickly realized when he visited our clients that his highest value lied in assisting and advising companies on their cultivation challenges and opportunities, including designing and building large-scale facilities. The combination of that compliance experience at the firm with Matthew’s true passion for growing the highest quality cannabis has quietly but quickly created the most effective and successful cultivation consultancy in cannabis.
—Christian Sederberg, Founder, Vicente Sederberg

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