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I hired my best friend to work with my team at Green Thumb Industries to apply for a cultivation license at the dawn of Pennsylvania’s legal medical market. Not only did Bickel Co help us win, we scored higher than all other applicants in the state.  Bickel and his teams’ love for cannabis separate their technical skill sets from the competition. They care for your garden as their own.  Problem solving is done with a plant first mentality.

Matthew Bickel is a lifelong cultivator and has a unique love and understanding of the cannabis plant.

Whether you need an entire business plan, help with applying for licensing, general improvement of your operations, persistent or devastating garden conditions, Bickel Co has proved they’re the right team for the job.  Every jar of Bickel Co hits the mark in all of the markets they work in.  I can appreciate their work both from a business owner, and from an extremely happy and loyal customer perspective.  We look forward to working with the group on our upcoming cultivation and manufacturing facility in NJ.

—Vincent, Heart Community Capital

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