Kelly’s Green

2020 – Present

Jackson, MS

Bickel Co. provides cultivation consultanting for a vertically integrated cultivation facility in Jackson, MS. We worked directly with Kelly’s Green to select the best property for retrofit build. We assisted in selecting a local architect to lead the project and worked directly with architects to design the indoor facility. This included multi-tier mobile racking, LED lighting, fertigation, irrigation, CO2 systems, climate automation, and post-harvest equipment designs. Prior to construction, the MS legislature overturned the law legalizing medicinal cannabis, and forced the ownership to reassess the situation and move to a new facility. 

Bickel assisted with selection of a new facility better suited for cultivation and currently working with the same architectural design team on design of a new 30,000 ft² facility. We maximized cultivation area while also having adequate support for expansion, extraction, and production areas. Full design of multi-tier mobile racking, LED lights, irrigation, fertigation, water filtration, CO2 systems, HVAC systems, and post-harvest equipment. We are working towards full design to achieve speed to market in 2022 when the legislature overturns the recent decision from the Governor to reinstate the medical cannabis law that passed by an overwhelming majority in 2020. 

Bickel assists ownership with modelling of proforma model and projections, to determine the best approach for build-out strategy to limit cap-ex spending and prepare the facility for expansion as demand increases over time.