Fine Fettle

2019 – Present

Hinsdale and Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Hinsdale, MA – Outdoor/Greenhouse Operation:
Oversight, design, and management of a 5,000 ft² medical greenhouse facility in Hinsdale, MA. Worked directly with ownership to acquire the proper location based on local challenges in getting site approval. Upon securing a facility and working with local governments and community organizations, designed and built out of a three-acre field with 4 greenhouses and 12,000 ft² head house to support the outdoor operations. Designed and acquired full irrigation system and water filtration with onsite pond to overcome challenges with low output well water and lack of municipal water supply to site. The growing season of 2020 was a successful harvest with delayed start up time by using autoflower varieties to shorten the growing cycle and achieved sellable product with a very short time window and limited resources. 

Martha’s Vineyard – Vertically Integrated Indoor Facility: Assistance with acquisition and startup of Patient Centric cultivation facility located on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Designed and oversight of construction to achieve three times the existing cultivation canopy area to provide adequate supply to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, using multi-tier racking systems with LED lights, fertigation, and irrigation design. This location is unique in that only product sold on the island must be grown on the island, which raises unique challenges for cultivation production and supply chain management. Assist cultivation staff with training, scheduling, best practices, and crop planning to meet the unique demands of this island market. Successful startup and implementation of expansion spaces, working directly with General Contractor and MEP install contractors.