Buckeye Relief

2017 – Present


First place license winner in competitive, merit-based application out of 120 applicants statewide. Cultivation consultants for the design, buildout, SOP writing, startup, and operation of a 60,000 ft² cultivation facility with extraction lab and supplemental office space. Wrote cultivation language for application requirements and worked with local architects and engineers to design a stamped floor plan of a state compliant cultivation facility for application submission. The facility is designed to maximize the state required canopy limits for cultivation, while also having the systems and infrastructure in place to support a rapid, minimally invasive doubling of canopy square footage by adding a second tier of benching and cultivation equipment. 

The Buckeye Relief cultivation facility is state-of-art and utilizes full climate automation, fertigation, reverse osmosis water filtration, efficient LED lighting systems for all grow areas, mobile racking to maximize canopy space, condensate recapture systems, Price Mechanical HVAC units, and full separation of clean room areas and common areas. The cultivation facility was constructed from the ground up with construction completed, Certificate of Occupancy granted, state license approval, and seeds germinated within 9 months from issuance of the license. 

Wrote and implemented all cultivation SOP’s and trained all cultivation staff during facility startup and full production cycle implemented and in place from the first harvest. Actively training management and entry-level cultivation staff for best practices, operational efficiency, and collecting data and monitoring analysis for selection of best strains and phenotypes to be used for full production. 

Buckeye Relief completed its first planned expansion in 2021. This expansion consisted of adding a second level to its mobile racking, doubling its total canopy space. Buckeye Relief is the largest medical marijuana supplier in Ohio and has maintained over 20% of the total market share (with over 25 competitors) for medical marijuana since its inception.

Buckeye Relief was the first:

  • Tier 1 cultivation facility to be inspected and approved for cultivation in Ohio.
  • Tier 1 cultivator to harvest and have product ready for sale and sold in Ohio.