Ascend Wellness Holdings

2018 – Present

MA, IL, OH, MI and NJ

Ascend hired Bickel Co for professional peer review and oversight of all operations and future expansions. This role naturally progressed into management, SOP implementation, design, and construction consulting in six states with over 150,000 ft² of operational flower canopy combined.


  • Management and SOP implementation of an 80,000 ft² facility with 65,000 ft² of canopy.
  • Full redesign of existing building to incorporate a multi-tier cultivation platform to capture as much canopy as possible.
  • Created SOPs for cultivation and trained management staff overseeing a crew of 65 employees.
  • Working on design and build out of a 40,000 ft2 expansion building to keep up with excess demand from recreational sales.
  • Nexus Greenhouse Expansion: Assisted in the design, construction, and implementation for a 50,000 ft² state of the art Nexus greenhouse system.


  • Management and SOP implementation in a 20,000 ft² facility.
  • Work with management staff to create functional design, and fully compliant cultivation operations within the strict legal standards of MA.
  • Currently operating 20,000 ft² and working on design and build out of 50,000 additional square feet of indoor cultivation expansion.


  • Acquisition of two medical cannabis licenses, approved for adult use, each 25,000 ft² of indoor cultivation in Michigan.
  • Assisted with the build out of the first phase of cultivation working directly with design team, vendors, and on-site growers to ensure proper startup and implementation of equipment.


  • Acquisition of a Tier 2 medical marijuana license covering 3,000 ft² of indoor operations. Implemented state compliant SOPs, production planning, and training of management staff.
  • Worked with architectural and MEP contractors to design a facility for additional multi-tier indoor expansions of brand-new building space and additional space covering a total of 28,000 ft² of canopy by utilizing a 5-Tier mobile racking system in order to fully maximize canopy space with the limitations of the Ohio law for Tier 2 licenses.

New Jersey

  • Acquisition of the one of the first medical marijuana licenses in the state that has been operational since 2010. Design planning for full retrofit of existing operations to be fitted with current state of the art HVAC, automation, LED lighting, and mobile benching systems.
  • Designed expansion of a remaining space to capture the most canopy in the building while focusing on low CAPEX and fast construction.
  • This design was broken out into two phases, totaling 40,000 ft² of cultivation canopy with multi-tier mobile racking, LED lighting, irrigation, fertigation, and climate automation systems.
  • Design of a three-story tall brand new building on adjacent property. This facility incorporates maximum capture of canopy for flower production totaling 75,000 ft² of flower canopy.

New York

  • Design of an existing facility that was acquired from a previous license holder that had never finished the build out phase.  
  • Work with design team and architects to capture as much canopy as possible for immediate flower production.
  • First phase of buildout captured 20,000 ft² of flowering canopy with use of multi-tier mobile racking systems.
  • Full design of LED lighting, irrigation, fertigation, and water filtration systems.
  • Worked with design team on expansion plan to capture a total of 206,000 ft² of cultivation canopy.
    This process involved extensive design discussions for best use of space, support space planning, assessment of cultivation numbers and space ratios, phasing of construction, and operational flow between each build phase.